Being the most interesting person in the world, I know you simply cannot wait to scroll down and read all about me and only me



Born in Hong Kong.
Grew up in New York City.
Started Career in Finance.
Found Passion & Calling in UX.


User Experience

User Experience Design.
Research & Strategy.
Design Architecture.
Product Design & Innovation.


Soft Skills & Intangibles

Being Considerate.
Being Communicative.
Having an Open Mind.
In the Client's & User's Best Interest.

My Design Philosophy

"I keep it really simple.
Be considerate in your life and you'll be considerate in your design.
Two rules for hiring creative talent... Rule 1: No Jerks, Rule 2: No Jerks.
Move slower to move faster to achieve design velocity built upon a proper foundation."

— John Ma

If you see a few lines of atrocious code, you can make a judgement about the programmer. By judging the programmer, you can judge his boss, and by judging his boss you can judge the company.

— Des Traynor

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.
Keep it simple idiot!

— Scott Adams