Work with executive leadership team, product managers and technology to deliver a deep understanding of their current state process

Problem Statement

The client was about to go into a multi-year digital transformation project of their legacy systems that had not changed for 35 years. Executive leadership at Ameritas wanted to know what the primary pain points of their insurance coverage and issuance before embarking on a e2e digital transformation project. To go from data-driven to data-informed for strategy and planning purposes.

Goals & Purpose

My team was brought on to conduct a research initiative of the Ameritas E2E Group Sales process. From this research, we were to construct the key personas associated and the individual user journeys of each team involved. The purpose of the research was to identify current pain points and areas of friction in the process to identify areas ofopportunity for improvement, either via new tools, roboticsand automation.

Project Results

Successful outcomes of this project are developed personas and in-depth user journeys from sold new business case to first bill for Sales, Admin, Underwriting, and Licensing. Our stakeholders want to more holistically understand the whys to the process and find areas ripe for improving efficiency, pain points, and streamlining communication. We will develop an End-to-End roadmap that can be used to simplify the post-sale process, shorten wait time for customers, and grow Ameritas for the future.


My Project Role(s)

  • UX Director

  • Sales & Communication

UX Director

Project oversight, leadership, manage creative resourcing & strategy

  • Formalize and assign design team structure and roles

  • Executive communications, cadences, and project oversight

  • Manage project budget and revenue projections

  • Approve expenses and travel accomodations

  • Make sure everyone is well fed and happy on all fronts